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Affinity logistics ltd. is a freight forwarding agency in Bangladesh duly licensed by the government of Bangladesh. It is also eligible to function as Customs Agent anywhere in Bangladesh. Albeit new in the business, its management is comprised of people having sound knowledge and long experience in respect of the freight forwarding and Customs Brokerage operations.


We are committed to provide the best of our services to the clientele, maintain smooth and reliable relationship with the network partners, and assure utmost financial and contractual integrity in all our dealings. We are absolutely ready and adequately equipped for working with stringent deadlines. Will all these attributes, the Affinity Logistics Lts. is the best choice for documenting, handling and tracking the movement of your cargo all over the world.

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Our interaction is expanded not only in local market but also in many other countries (such as USA, UK, India etc.) where Bangladesh has business relationship.


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